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Formulated with Blue-green Algae Extract



As Fulvic Acid and Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae

El champú y el jabón sólo se venden en Corea.
Si desea hacer una compra en el extranjero, consulte su propia consulta.



As Fulvic Acid and Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae

El champú y el jabón sólo se venden en Corea.
Si desea hacer una compra en el extranjero, consulte su propia consulta.

Spirulina extracto de fermentación líquida



Electroglish Ioniised
Limpio el LIID

Blue-Green Algae compresor

Nuevos desarrollos RG-M1
y calidad de servicio y demanda:

ácido pélvico


miniatura agrícola

BIH 12 Kg
El precio no es tan caro como la UREA.


  • [스마트 리빙] 해조류 '스피룰리나' 아시나요?

    김오희 리포터 기사입력 2019-01-23 07:46 최종수정 2019-01-23 07:47

    최근 '스피룰리나'라는 해조류가 주목받고 있다고 합니다.
    지구에서 가장 오래된 조류로 알려진 이 식품에는 단백질과 철분, 칼슘 등 50가지 영양소와 항산화성 색소 성분이 풍부한데요.
    특히 '피코시아닌'이란 색소는 피부 미용과 노화 방지에 좋고요.
    면역력 강화와 항암효과, 혈압을 떨어뜨리는 효능까지 있다고 합니다.
    고단백 식품이라서 영양 불균형 없이 체중 감량에도 도움이 되는 식품인데요.
    주로 분말이나 액상 형태로 나오는데, 주스나 샐러드 등 요리에 섞어 먹기 좋습니다.
    다만, 너무 많이 먹으면 복통이나 위염, 설사 등의 증상이 나타날 수 있고요.
    신장병이나 자가면역질환을 앓고 있는 사람은 전문의와 상담한 후 복용해야 하는데요.
    영양성분이 고농축 된 식품이다 보니까 신장이 약하면 부종이 생길 수 있고, 면역계를 활성화하는 효과가 있기 때문에 루푸스나 류머티즘 등 자가면역질환자가 섭취하면 증상이 악화할 가능성이 있습니다.

    2019.01.23 MBC news (korea)


    2018.10.29 ~ 11.02

    Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
    650 S. Griffin St.
    Dallas, TX 75202

    If it’ll help your business, you’ll find it here. You’ll see the latest trends and innovations from hundreds of leading suppliers on the show floor—and get your questions answered directly by the experts. You’ll connect with peers, grow your professional circle, and exchange ideas at several exclusive networking events. And you’ll gain new practical skills and learn how to run a better business in dozens of industry-best education sessions and workshops. At the ISSA Show, you’ll see everything that’s new and rediscover your entire industry—plan your time well for maximum benefit.

    Algae M Tech
    booth : 4406

    Product Categories (7)
    - Cleaning Agents > DEGREASERS
    - Cleaning Tools & Supplies > CONTAMINATION CONTROL PRODUCTS
    - Foodservice Disposables & Equipment > RESTAURANT SUPPLIES
    - Odor Control Products > ODOR CONTROL PRODUCTS
    - Skin Care & Personal Hygiene > LAUNDRY CHEMICALS
    - Skin Care & Personal Hygiene > SANITIZERS

    About ISSA
    Your Cleaning Association The leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA has a membership that includes more than 9,200 distributor, manufacturer, manufacturer representative, building service contractor, in-house service provider, residential cleaning, and associated service members. ISSA helps its members and their employees make valuable contacts through the industry’s largest cleaning shows. ISSA also helps increase members’ professionalism and success through its popular global website,, and by offering business tools, educational products, industry standards, publications, and legislative and regulatory services that specifically focus on the professional cleaning industry. It is through these initiatives that ISSA helps its members demonstrate the true value of clean to their varied constituents. The association is headquartered in Northbrook, IL, USA, with regional offices in Botany, Australia; Mainz, Germany; and Shanghai, China. For more information, contact us. Not a member? Join ISSA today!

    ISSA SHOW NORTH AMERICA 2018 2018.10.29 ~ 11.01

  • Havana International Fair (FIHAV) 2018

    2018.10.29 ~ 11.02

    FIHAV 2018
    Commercial bag of general character the most important in Cuba and one of the most represented by Latin America and the Caribbean. From October 29 to November 2, 2018 Expocuba fairground.

    일반 캐릭터의 상업화, 쿠바에서 가장 중요한 행사중 하나와 라틴 아메리카와 카리브해에서 가장 많이 대표되는 행사중 하나. 10월 29일부터 11월 2일까지 2018 엑스포쿠바 박람회장.

    Havana International Fair (FIHAV) 2018 2018.10.29 ~ 11.02

  • IESD China 2018

    International Exhibition on Surfactant Detergent 2018

    2018.04.24 ~ 2018.04.26

    machinery, surface treatment, and cosmeticsbeauty products, chemistry, and the environmentecology, trade, and consultingService

    IESD China-the leading business-to-business surfactant and detergent trade show event in Asia! Exhibitors are presenting raw materials, latest products, solutions, technologies and applications. Strong international participation is confirmed by the presence of national and groups give you the global perspective on emerging trends

    Exhibition Introduction
    IESD Expo 2018International Exhibition on Surfactants and Detergents will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center 。The theme of events is "Focus on Industrial Upgrading Serve for Industry Development",This event will introduce the new trends of International Exhibition on Surfactants and Detergents industry, showcasing current surfactants and detergents industry's most advanced technologies and products, has become important events for domestic and oversea surfactants and detergent products manufacturers, agents, distributors to extending market, learning industry information, understanding today's international market fashion trends, the latest technology.

    International Exhibition on Surfactant Detergent 2018 2018.04.24 ~ 04.26

  • Health ingredients Japan 2018 / Food ingredients for Taste Japan 2018 / Safety & Technology Japan 2018

    2018.10.03 ~ 2018.10.05

    Venue : Tokyo "Big Sight" Exhibition Center, West Halls 1, 2 and Atrium
    No. of Booth : 900 booths (Show 2018: 860 booths)

    Health Ingredients Japan 2018, Food Ingredients for Taste Japan 2018, Safety & Technology Japan 2018 2018.10.03 ~ 10.05



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